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Shenandoah Senior Living | Theresa Taplin

Theresa Taplin

Executive Director

Theresa Taplin has come to Shenandoah Senior Living as our Executive Director with over 28 years of serving and providing care for seniors. She has worked in every area of Assisted Living, first as a CNA, then a floor nurse, a charge nurse, then as an Executive Director, Regional Director of Operations, and then as Vice President of Operations before coming to Shenandoah. For Theresa it is not just a job, but rather a lifestyle. She enjoys being with her family, taking photos of nature and writing poems. Theresa feels honored to be a part of Shenandoah Senior Living family as our Executive Director.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Dana Hackley

Dana Hackley, LPN

Health and Wellness Director

Dana Hackley has been with Shenandoah Senior Living since 2019. She came to us as a nurse and with her hard work has been promoted to Shenandoah’s Health and Wellness Director. Dana has been an LPN for 19 plus years. She has 2 beautiful daughters, loves the beach, and capturing smiles. Dana feels so blessed to have the chance to care for her residents at Shenandoah Senior Living.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Amy Shelton

Amy Shelton

Community Sales Director

Amy Shelton comes to Shenandoah Senior Living with over 35 years in the Senior Living industry. Starting with volunteering, she has worn many hats, working in both skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities her passion is to problem solve and care for the elderly and their families. Amy is excited to be able to serve Shenandoah Senior Living as their Community Sales Director. In Amy’s spare time, she enjoys real estate, and loves to spend time painting and upcycling furniture and doing home renovation.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Shiloh Cockrell

Shiloh Cockrell


Shiloh Cockrell comes to Shenandoah Senior Living with 6 plus years in the senior living industry. Having many roles such as being an CNA and an RMA to name a few, she truly loves what she does and being able to provide for her residents. Her 2 beautiful daughters are her pride and joy, and her favorite holiday is July 4th. Shiloh is excited to start her new journey as Shenandoah Senior Living’s concierge.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Marissa Spencer

Marissa Spencer

Life Enrichment Director

Marissa Spencer comes to Shenandoah Senior Living as a military wife and physical therapy student. She has been with Shenandoah since 2021 and had different roles. Marissa is excited in her new role as the Life Enrichment Director so she can not only provide her residents with the best activities but also be able to help provide the best care for her residents. In Marissa’s spare time she enjoys reading.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Julie Wolford

Julie Wolford

Dining Service Director

Julie Wolford, Shenandoah Senior Living’s Dining Service Director, has been with us for 3 plus years. She came to us with over 20 years’ experience in the Health Care industry. Julie not only cares about the residents at Shenandoah but takes pride in what she does for them. When Julie is not serving the residents, you can find her enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Front Royal has to offer.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Megan Billhimer

Megan Billhimer

Memory Care Coordinator

Megan Billhimer has been with Shenandoah Senior Living for almost 2 years. She has been in the Healthcare industry for 12 plus years. Megan has 2 children and loves to travel. Memory Care has always been a passion for Megan, and she feels blessed to be able to have her role as the Memory Care Coordinator at Shenandoah Senor Living.

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