Moving to Assisted Living? Design Tips for Your New Apartment

Home is where we feel at peace. It’s where we spend time with family and friends and where we long to be when we’re away. As we get older, downsizing begins to make more sense, but it doesn’t have to mean losing that sense of home or leaving your life behind. Making the move to an assisted living apartment can be a welcome change by removing the burden of costly home repairs and making life easier. An added bonus is that you get to design the perfect new living space.

Your New Home

What’s most important in finding your new home is that it feels just as safe and welcoming as your old one. At Shenandoah Senior Living in scenic Front Royal, Virginia seniors enjoy extensive services, easy-to-navigate rooms and homey apartments with various floor plan options. We offer a dynamic assisted living community where you can create a comfortable living space that’s truly you.

Making Your Space Your Own

When considering your options, choose the floor plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. We have options with shared suites (which are great for making friends) or private rooms. All apartments come unfurnished, giving you the ultimate flexibility to customize the space to meet your needs.

284 sq. feetShared suite with your own private bath
284 sq. feetSmall, private bedroom with shared bath
397 sq. feetSmall, private one-bedroom
600 sq. feetLarge, private one-bedroom
Shenandoah Senior Living | Large Private One Bedroom
Large private one-bedroom apartment

How can you make your new space feel like home?

Leaving a long-time home and downsizing can be an emotionally overwhelming process. Make moving more manageable by decorating and organizing the space to be comfortable and easy to navigate. Furniture and household items should be easily accessible and accommodate mobility issues. When determining what to bring, it’s important to incorporate sentimental as well as necessary items. That family photo you love, the heirloom you cherish and the quilt that your mother made will make your home feel cozy and warm.

Though it may seem stressful to tackle, decluttering and relocating can be an exciting time. Donating items you no longer need or want and removing the burdens of housekeeping and maintenance ease the stress of making a big life change. Designing a space that’s just the right fit is like a sigh of relief! When making your plans, consider the following:

Room layout:

  • Think about furniture needed for the size of the space you choose.
  • Place furniture for optimal mobility.
  • Decide what electronics to bring (TV, computer, etc.).
  • Create designated hobby/workspace areas.
  • Divide living and sleeping areas to make the space feel larger.


  • Bring plenty of photos of family and friends.
  • Decorate using light colors in living spaces and more colorful accent pieces.
  • Use mirrors and artwork to create separation and make the space more engaging.
  • Add details like throw pillows, area rugs and comfy throws for the sofa.
  • Add some greenery with low-maintenance houseplants.

Housewares, clothing and personal items:

  • Linens, towels, a hamper, hangers
  • Clothing (tops, bottoms, pajamas, underwear, socks, shoes and slippers, jackets)
  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Walker, cane or wheelchair

What amenities are available in the community?

While quality services and a committed team are standard at Shenandoah Senior Living, it’s also good to get a sense of the community’s layout and amenities. Do you like to get outdoors? Do you value a recreation room? What activities do you enjoy?

Our amenities include:

  • Two sunrooms
  • Dining room
  • Arts and crafts area
  • Expansive porch
  • Landscaped grounds
  • Large exterior courtyard
  • Mountain vista for scenic views
  • Secured garden area
  • Covered sun porches

 “This place is lovely. It is clean and homey. The view from the dining room is spectacular! The staff is kind and helpful.” – Google review from Deb G.

Shenandoah Senior Living | Bedroom
One bedroom apartment


Are you ready to take the next step in designing your future home?

Contact us! We’d love to help you find the right space so that you can make it your own. Our experienced team is here to help guide you through the process. Check out our Facebook page to learn more about resident life at Shenandoah Senior Living.

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